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How to Support a Grieving Parent

Witnessing a family member or close friend grieve their child may be one of the hardest challenges you’ll have to face and it can be hard to know what to say or do for your person. These resources for family and friends aim to help you best support them in their grief. 

Here are some helpful tips to navigate supporting your loved one in their grief journey.

Botanical Leaf Beauty Gift Card Voucher.jpg

Give the gift of a Retreat.

Finding support among people who have experienced similar loss can be a powerful tool. Our intimate retreats at Luella's Lodge provide ways to connect with one another through grief and healing. 

Gift cards are available and can be used for retreats, private rentals or in our online store. Click here to purchase a gift card for your loved one or close friend.

Let us send a free card on your behalf.

Click here if you'd like us to send a "Thinking of You" card on your behalf to the bereaved parent with Luella's Lodge contact information on the back. We will personalize it with a message from you inside. Please include parent's name, address, message and how you'd like the card signed.


Ground Rules for Supporting Someone you Care About.

From Megan Devine, Refuge in Grief via Instagram

"While there is no one perfect way to respond or to support someone you care about, here are some good ground rules."

Click here to read the full article. 


Other Helpful Tips.

LaurelBox is a small company that creates thoughtful grief packages and gifts if you'd like to send something to the grieving parent.

What to Say to Bereaved Parents


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