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The following cost includes meals/drinks/snacks during your stay, a shared or private  room and all activities.


Mothers retreats (4 days/3 nights): $450 per person total.

Couples retreats (3 days/2 nights): $400 per couple total.

Family retreat (4 days/3 nights): $550 per family total.

Dads retreat (2.5 days/2 nights): $250 per dad.

We require a deposit of $75 when making your reservation. Of that, $25 is a non-refundable registration fee and the remaining $50 will go towards the cost of your stay.


" I had the most relaxing, peaceful, healing weekend! I will absolutely recommend Luella’s Lodge to other grieving parents!" 


"Getting the swag bag was such a special treat. It along with the personalized note I left in my room made me immediately feel welcome."


"5 star accommodations!"


"The beds were very comfortable. The room was very neat! I enjoyed the large windows and sitting outside. If the weather was a little nicer I would have enjoyed working with Hunter outside. The lantern lighting was awesome!!"

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