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Meet Your Retreat Hosts


Hello - I am Caroline, mama to sweet Ian. I met Carrie and Ben very early in their grief journey and have been with them as they navigate the loss of Luella and honor her beautiful memory. When they first talked about opening the lodge, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. As a retreat host, I am here to help you in any way that I can. I want you to feel safe and comfortable as you work through your grief and make connections with other grieving parents. It had been immensely cathartic for me to help others while travelling down my own grief path. All of our losses may be different, but when we come together at the lodge, amazing things happen.
A little about me! My husband, Wayne, and I were married in 2007. In 2009 we became pregnant with our son, Ian. At his 18-week ultrasound, we were told that he had an omphalocele and other anomalies that may not be compatible with life-he proved everyone wrong. After his birth, Ian underwent surgery immediately and was in the NICU for 30 days. He endured 11 surgeries in his short life and multiple hospitalizations. He passed away in 2014, and my husband and I are forever changed. After Ian passed away, we went through multiple miscarriages and multiple rounds of failed IVF. In the past 7 years we have been blessed with 3 beautiful kiddos, thanks to their amazing and
selfless birth mamas.




We’re Aaron and Anna. We have two kiddos- Maxwell and Tova. They are 18 months apart. Tova unexpectedly passed away when she was 6 months old and we’ve been reeling since. Because she was born in 2020 we have very few pictures together as a family. We cherish the few we have. The three of us now are clinging to each other and dear friends and tried to connect in a loss family group. It didn’t feel helpful- but what does feel helpful when the only thing we need is our dear Tova?

We saw Luella’s Lodge on Instagram and honestly thought it might be fake. How could something so gentle and safe exist? We decided to attend the couples retreat in 2022 and up until the second we walked up the steps we were prepared to turn back around. We didn’t want such a place to have to exist. We didn’t want more pain like ours to be a reality for others. However, what exists is a safe place to be real about our pain, anger, guilt, jealousy and love. Since finding Luella’s Lodge we have experienced more loss and continue to be embraced without expectations of how to grieve those loses.

We felt so safe and welcome that we wanted to find a way to support other families, including Carrie and Ben. While they are running Luella’s Lodge they are also actively grieving Luella. Through their grief they are pouring into each and every family when they arrive. They make sure every little and big thing is planned out so families can release completely. Meals just show up, plates are cleared, scheduled are maintained, activities happen. Our offer to support around the lodge during retreats is to find a way to show up for all grieving parents, including Ben and Carrie.

Anna + Aaron, grieving parents to Tova 
Hosting the May Couples' Retreat together, and Anna is hosting the May Support Sister Retreat

Caroline, Grieving Mama to Ian

Hosting Moms' Retreats in April and November


MaryBess, Grieving Mama to Maggie

Hosting June Mothers' Retreat

MaryBess is thrilled to be your host and looks forward to making your retreat a wonderful experience. She's laid back, caring, sentimental, and has a wicked sense of humor. She's a fellow bereaved mama and  through her own experience of: traumatic family deaths, infertility, pregnancy complications, stillbirth, pregnancy after loss, traumatic birth, major health issues and parenting after loss, will be "in the trenches" with you remembering her precious Maggie along with your sweet babies. 


After several years of infertility and countless procedures and treatments, MaryBess finally became pregnant with her first child, Margaret Kimberly via IFV. Sadly, Maggie was stillborn at 36 weeks gestation on October 4, 2019. She had a true knot in her umbilical cord but was otherwise perfectly healthy. Not one to let tragedy get the best of her, MaryBess has dedicated herself to helping other bereaved families in Maggie's memory. 


" I had the most relaxing, peaceful, healing weekend! I will absolutely recommend Luella’s Lodge to other grieving parents!" 


"Getting the swag bag was such a special treat. It along with the personalized note I left in my room made me immediately feel welcome."


"5 star accommodations!"


"The beds were very comfortable. The room was very neat! I enjoyed the large windows and sitting outside. If the weather was a little nicer I would have enjoyed working with Hunter outside. The lantern lighting was awesome!!"

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